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Welcome to Stories Lab Wiki! If you want to write a story of any genre, then you are more than welcome to post a story on here. Just remember to place the stories in the write categories.

This is also a backup wiki for The CreepyPasta wiki.

== Rules : == 1. No spamming or vandalism. This includes "tweaking" coding aspects of the wiki or messing with categories, blogs and comments. If you see a page you like or have owned, that has been deleted, do not restore that page or any page for that matter without the permission of a Content Moderator or an Administrator.

2. Do not mention or commit anything inappropriate. This includes posting pornographic content, treason (Offending a moderator or admin), spamming (as stated above) or acting immature altogether.

3. Do not create stories with the same title of an existent story.

4. Do not get into matters and situations that you don't fully understand. If you see drama or a conflict, ask what's going on, don't tell experienced users how to handle it.

5. Do not force your opinions on to other people and do not try to change the rules. You can suggest new rules, but that doesn't guarantee they will be put into effect.

6. Do not promote radicalism and extremism. Likewise, do not talk about political debates or fights. You will be banned for recreating any of the forbidden pages, listed in the category. Swearing and cursing is allowed, but not in excess. If you are uncomfortable with that, then GET OUT.

7. Do not make people meddle in the affairs of something outside of the wiki. As such, do not edit, animate or steal content from this wiki without the author's permission. I'm looking at you, click baiters.


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